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My New Year's Resolutions Are About My Dog

My New Year's Resolutions Are About My Dog

2 min read  •  By Leena Chitnis, Founder, Timberdog®

Working hard getting RuffRest® out into the world, I don't have the sort of time I used to have when I first adopted Kashi, my dog. I'm still there for her walks, potty breaks, meal and snack times, and moments of physical care like grooming and bathing. But what's missing is the sense of play and spontaneity I had when life was much simpler. Teaching her new tricks, lounging in front of the TV while lazily scratching her belly, and making her food from scratch rather than buying kibble are all things I need to make time for again.

This new year brings so much promise, especially on the heels of several irons in the fire for Timberdog®. But as the driving force behind this company, it's high time for self care, and a "returning to." You can never go wrong making your new year's resolutions about your pet, as caring for them is caring for yourself.

For example, a longer walk isn't just benefiting them, its toning you up, too. Feeding them better quality food and getting selective about their supplements may inspire you to further tighten your diet. And making time to get out on weekends into nature gets you both a healthy dose of vitamin D. 

Here are the 2023 resolutions I've made for Kashi and I:

1) Look into new Instant Pot recipes to meal prep for myself and K

2) Increase daily step count (and by proxy, K's walk) by 2,000 steps and schedule walks in the morning to get sun

3) Add cardio to daily routine - buy a stepper with exercise bands for myself, for compound movements, and add an extra day of fetch for K

4) Teach K two new tricks this year (she already knows 50 commands in English and Marathi), and pick up two new, easy-to-do self-care habits for myself

5) Sleep before midnight, and keep wake times consistent (because of me, Kashi has become a night owl, too - and that's not healthy. We both need to regulate our circadian rhythm). 

Well, that covers diet, exercise, sleep, and picking up a couple of new habits. I want to keep it simple so that it's sustainable. I wish I could add things like "read 10 new books," but I simply don't have the time, and I'd rather concentrate what little time I do have into physical care, which will translate into mental health benefits, as well. 

I wish all of you the best year of your lives yet in 2023, and hope that goodness rubs off on your beloved pets, too.

Lots of love,

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