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Fan Gallery

  • Two small yellow dogs laying and sitting on a medium grey colored RuffRest dog bed, on a sunny day. A bigger brown dog is behind them, and the background is comprised of grasses, hills, and trees in the distance

    Henri, Louis, and Betty - gone camping!

  • Small brown maltese sleeping on a medium grey RuffRest dog bed, with a pillow behind him with the word blessed stitched onto it. The dog is indoor, and the pet bed is on top of a cowhide. The sun is streaming in and there is a sun flare in the picture

    Joey -- snoozin'

  • Picture of a grey, furry puppy wearing a pink sweater, sitting atop a RuffRest medium black dog bed, in a cabin

    Kashi on her ruffrest in the cabin

  • A whippet laying on a small grey RuffRest dog bed, in the corner of an office, next to a potted plant, and in front of a sunny window

    Henri chillin' in the office

  • Pitbull taking a nap on a medium green RuffRest dog bed, with green sleeping bag deployed over her, in the living room

    macy, ready for a nap after a long hike!

  • Two chihuahuas and a yellow lab in the back set of a sedan that has red leather seats. They are seated on a large grey RuffRest dog bed and heading out on a road trip and adventure

    road trip shenanigans :)

  • Mixed breed medium dog sitting on the edge of a medium grey RuffRest dog bed, with a grassy knoll and the woods behind him, on a sunny day

    Jack at the campground

  • Three different small breed dogs, one white, one grey, one brown, sitting together on a medium grey RuffRest dog bed, and looking up into the camera. They are indoors, with a green embroidered pillow behind them

    Rocco, Otter, and Joey #blessed

  • Two chiwhippets sitting side by side on a medium grey RuffRest dog bed, in a parking lot, with condominiums and parked cars behind them. They are ready to go out, suited in blue flannel and their bright orange harnesses

    Henri & Louis: Ready for our trip, mama!

  • Three dog beds stacked one atop the other in blue, green, and gray colors, with the Timberdog logos or labels clearly visible. Photo taken indoors with dog beds laid out on beige carpet

    Got all three colors - thanks!


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