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Leena's a full time dog mom and inventor/creator. Her goal for Timberdog® is to create ecologically-sustainable, practical, and fun products that reduce the consumer's need to buy many items separately.

Picture of a smiling South Asian American woman in a blue t shirt, who is the founder and CEO of Timberdog, an innovative company that sells travel pet items
Logo of Rothwell Figg Ernst and Manbeck, an intellectual property firm from Washington DC that represents Timberdog, an innovative pet product company. Underneath the logo are two additional logos displaying Rothwell as one of the best law firms in the US

Rothwell, figg, ernst & manbeck

Timberdog® is proud to partner with an IP firm that consistently ranks among the best in the nation. Rothwell Figg has guided Timberdog's products to patent-pending status in the US, as well as in several other countries.

Professional headshot or image of a woman with silver and black hair, in a black blouse, wearing glasses and a necklace. She is an attorney who has helped Timberdog, a dog bed company, acquire two trademarks


Jessica is the director of the prestigious Syracuse University Transactional Law Clinic. She has guided Timberdog® to acquire two registered trademarks.


Aniket conducted our carbon sequestration study to help us launch an ambitious initiative to become carbon-negative.

Image of a smiling Indian man, wearing a grey vest over a blue button down shirt, with arms crossed, posing for a picture. He has helped Timberdog, a dog product company, with a carbon sequestration study, to achieve carbon negativity

Olerie Genotiva, Social media strategist

Olerie "Ollie" Genotiva is Timberdog's graphic artist and social media strategist. She comes to us from Demand Lever, having worked for everyone from high-profile life coaches to dynamic start-ups.

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