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Yes, a Dog Suitcase Really Does Exist

Yes, a Dog Suitcase Really Does Exist

3 min read  •  By Wyatt West, Staff Writer & Outdoor Fiend, Timberdog®

Ever wish you had a dedicated piece of luggage just for your dog? Well, that is exactly what Timberdog set out to make. Except they weren’t concerned with making a frivolous little novelty. They wanted to create something that signaled to the world that your dog is an equal and important family member. Additionally, it had to be practical for busy pet parents, beautiful to look at, and stand the test of time.

When looking at dog suitcases on the market, i.e., dog travel bags, I was honestly impressed (I write about them here). Most have generous capacity, have dividers to create organized spaces within, and come with extras like bowls and a food mat. Honestly, if I hadn’t looked into Timberdog’s complete sleep and travel system for pets - the RuffRest - I’d own a dog suitcase or travel bag today, as they are definitely handy. But I knew I didn’t want to rifle through any more bags or carry big things, like a bed, separately. 

So, I invested in the RuffRest, the world’s first dog suitcase that also doubles as an awesome travel dog bed.

RuffRest differs from traditional dog suitcases. For one, it comes standard with a see-through, at-a-glance organizer which has several pockets to help you compartmentalize your dog’s day, as well as allows you to see what you need immediately. I find this indispensable for moments when I’m harried or can’t see well in the dark, or don’t want to paw through (or dump out) the contents of a giant bag. 

Second, unlike other travel bags, RuffRest literally opens like a suitcase, and it does this via YKK zippers - the best zippers in the world. Inside, you’ll find the easily removable organizer, which you can simply lift out of the RuffRest to hang up or stow in a drawer, as it folds up in thirds. For hanging, it has a large, adjustable velcro loop at the top, so you can wrap it around a tree branch at the campsite, or loop it around a dowel in your hotel room’s closet. I love this feature because I don’t have to set any bags down and open endless pockets to look for things. Now, the organizer is at eye level with every pocket visible and accessible all at once. And it feels nice to have my dog’s things next to mine in the closet!

With the organizer out, the RuffRest zips up and transforms into a travel bed, complete with cozy sherpa fleece (which has a short nap and thus resists odors and is easy to clean) and a firm bolster. For nighttime, the bolster reveals a hidden, attached blanket, which, on cooler nights, is convertible into a sleeping bag that adheres to the sides of the bed. Best of all, the sleeping bag has temperature control vents for keeping your dog comfortable at the coziness he prefers. My dog Angus, for example, sleeps warm, so I keep the vents halfway open to allow for a bit of breezines under the covers.

RuffRest has something for everyone. It combines all of the features of dog suitcases, dog beds, and more. It’s especially made for travel as it compresses into a duffel shape and comes with a shoulder strap that doubles as a reflective leash. Due to its military-grade nylon, individual stitching, YKK zippers, Duraflex buckles, high-density foam, and eco-friendly PU coating, RuffRest is durable, beautiful, and here to stay. 

The cherry on top is that Timberdog pledges to plant two trees for every RuffRest sold, making it not only a carbon neutral company, but the first dog and pet supply company that’s a carbon negative one.

Watch the demo of this unique and multifunctional dog suitcase and bed, and you’ll see why I think the RuffRest should be on everyone’s travel shopping list. 

In the photo: Kashi atop a small, medium, and large RuffRest
Photo Credit: Peter Barrot

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