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RuffRest® Stormy

Color Stormy™ (Slate-Gray/Sky Blue/Jet Black)

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Introducing RuffRest® Stormy - a classic grey color combination that goes with everything. Features a cream sherpa fleece, storm cloud-grey fabric, muted blue trim, and black accents. 


  • Weight: Small 4.5 lbs // Medium 6.6 lbs // Large 10.4 lbs
  • Built-in, modular, 3-season sleeping bag with temperature control vents (*Not for temps colder than 50° F/10° C*)
  • Hangable, at-a-glance organizer with large pockets to pack your pet's things
  • "See-at-night" reflective loops to hang up the bed or attach carabiners
  • Zipper hood trim throughout to protect your pet from zippers
  • Dedicated inner space that turns your pet bed into luggage
  • Shoulder strap that doubles as a reflective safety leash
  • Compression straps (*Only in medium and large beds*)
  • Medical/Emergency ID Card with Travel Checklist
  • Removable inner foams with water-proof covers
  • Dedicated pocket for all included straps
  • 900D moisture-repellent nylon
  • Easy-to-clean sherpa fleece
  • Water bottle mesh pocket
  • Padded carry handle
  • Tough YKK zippers
  • Bolster/pillow









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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 24 reviews

        This is so Awesome! It’s so versatile for all your needs both at home and for travel. My dog loves to be outside so having a bed that’s made for terrain and easy to clean is always a plus. Don’t be fooled by a high price range! It beats having to buy your dog a new bed every month definitely worth every penny this lasts years not months like other beds out there

        reply and further thoughts

        I had a nice conversation with the CEO of the company. I have felt very appreciated as a customer. I appreciate the thought that went into these beds—the details are actually amazing. To be clear, this is the best travel bed that I have found on the market.

        Seriously, this is why I went into this business. This right here. My customers will ALWAYS be my number one priority. Enjoy your RuffRest, BM! So lovely speaking with you and please reach out to me anytime you wish.

        almost there

        The bed is very, very well made, the colors are nice and I like the features. It is not as portable as I’d hoped. It doesn’t roll up well, like it’s not even meant to roll up. Then, the straps that are supposed to hold it in a roll are anchored inside of a pocket that, when open (which it would need to be to use the straps), distorts the shape of the rolled assembly. Hard to explain but I wish that a little more thought had gone into the rolling part and that a more compressible foam had been used for the bed or perhaps even inflatable pieces like are used for camping mats. I really wanted to love this bed but it feels like it needs a little work.

        BM, thank you for this awesome review. We are so happy that you like the construction, quality, and features. We try very hard to ensure that this bed will last a very long time.

        The foam took over a year to finalize; much thought went into it. We tested every combination of density/thickness to arrive at the current level of support, not just roll-ability. It's a tricky balance, for sure.

        When packed normally, RuffRest rolls with a bit of elbow grease, and when packed economically, it rolls well. Please see the videos from Outdoor Minimalist (a reviewer for Field & Stream) and the demo on the Timberdog YouTube channel for more info. Also, to get the best roll, you must start from the bolster end of the bed. We’ve included a handle on one end so you can use that for portability, too.

        The straps are integrated because dogs can abscond them with or people can misplace them if left untethered. In the future, we may disengage the straps from the bed for a neater look, but figured practicality may outweigh aesthetics for pet parents here.

        Finally, we did not use inflatable components because not only are they unreliable, but they draw warmth away from the body. This can be dangerous when camping in cold weather.

        Let us know if you have any other feedback, we’d love to hear it. Our email,, goes right to the CEO (me).

        Best customer service ever!

        I’m out of town so haven’t actually seen the bed yet but I will comment on the customer service. There was a n issue with delivery (not timberdogs fault) and Lena was amazing. She reached, kept me informed and sent me a replacement very quickly. I will not hesitate to buy from timberdogs again. Thank you so much

        Fatima N.
        Love love love this dog bed

        So much thought was put into this pet bed and it shows. It takes some getting used to in terms of how to operate it but I won't remove a star for that. This bed's an investment and so is a few minutes of your time in learning how to pack and roll it up. Would give 10 stars if I could

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