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The Best Type of Environment for Your Dog's Wellbeing

The Best Type of Environment for Your Dog's Wellbeing

3 min read • By Wyatt West, Staff Writer & Outdoor Fiend, Timberdog®

The best type of environment for dogs depends on several factors, such as their breed, age, size, personality, and lifestyle. However, in general, dogs thrive in an environment that provides them with plenty of love, attention, exercise, mental stimulation, and a safe, clean and comfortable living space.

Here are some tips for creating a suitable environment for dogs:

1. A secure and fenced yard: Dogs love to explore and play outside, but it's essential to keep them safe and secure. A fenced yard can provide them with a designated play area, prevent them from running away, and protect them from potential dangers such as traffic and wildlife. If you have an escape artist like a husky, or a digger, make sure to account for fence height, as well as how deep you set the fence into the ground.

2. Regular exercise: Dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. Depending on their breed and age, they may require different levels of physical activity, such as walks, runs, or playtime. Make sure to provide them with enough exercise opportunities to burn off their energy. I personally love long walks with my dog, Angus, as well as aerobic days where I use the Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher

3. Mental stimulation: Dogs are intelligent animals that need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. You can provide them with toys, puzzles, and games that challenge their minds and keep them entertained. Angus is a power chewer, so, after dinner, I have him settle down with a couple chew toys that hide a stinky treat or two; Kongs work great!

4. Comfortable living space: Dogs need a comfortable and cozy living space where they can rest, sleep, and feel safe. A bed or crate with soft bedding can provide them with a designated space to relax and unwind. I recommend our RuffRest® Ultimate Pet Bed, because it's got memory foam for relaxing, a bolster for support, and a hidden, 3-season sleeping bag for coziness. And you can pack it up in a jiffy when you and your pet need to be somewhere. 

5. Love and attention: Dogs are social animals that thrive on human interaction and affection. Spend time with your dog, play with them, and give them lots of love and attention to strengthen your bond and keep them happy. I keep teaching Angus new tricks well into his adulthood, which stimulates his brain and occupies him (he loves to please)!

Overall, creating a suitable environment for dogs requires a balance of physical exercise, mental stimulation, comfort, and love. By providing them with such an environment, you can help ensure that they lead happy and healthy lives.

Photo credit: Cotton Bro Studio

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