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RuffRest: No Ordinary Hooded Dog Bed

RuffRest: No Ordinary Hooded Dog Bed

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By Wyatt West, Staff Writer & Outdoor Fiend, Timberdog®

My dog, Angus, loves a good, hooded dog bed. Hooded dog beds aren't for every dog, but if your dog likes that safe, warm, and snuggly feeling, a sense of den-like privacy, or just loves to burrow, you know what I'm talking about.

I've had many dogs over my lifetime and have gone through a multiplicity of dog beds, especially cave dog beds and hooded dog beds. RuffRest stands out as the best hooded dog bed for several reasons. It's partly why I'm such a proud evangelist for Timberdog.

Heretofore, the hooded dog beds I've come across and bought are one of two types. They either have a floppy, thin blanket, or have an erected, cave-like hood. While these types of pet beds have served my dogs well, I've found an even better alternative in RuffRest's hood option: a built-in 3-season sleeping bag. 

For dogs who like a light cover and don't feel like being zipped in, RuffRest's patent-pending hood or covering starts out as a blanket. Once you adhere this blanket via zippers up the sides of the bed, it is transformed into a 3-season sleeping bag, complete with sealing buttons and temperature-control vents. A foam "dowel" at the end gives the sleeping bag shape and form, so that the end won't fall over your dog in a flopping manner, or drape him in a suffocating way. It also helps you to create a nice, neat roll to stow the sleeping bag from where it came. 

There is no space wasted in RuffRest. When the sleeping bag is stowed, it forms the "stuffing" of the bolster, which Angus loves to rest his chin on. It's also removable for easy cleaning, since the end is zipped into the pet bed. Finally, the temp-control vents can open generously, creating an airflow for dogs that sleep hot.

Your average hooded dog bed does not have a way to store the hood, and thus looks messy. Meanwhile, RuffRest is a sleek, beautiful, and self-contained dog bed, right up until the point where you need to deploy its blanket-sleeping bag.

If you're looking for an amazing hooded dog bed, look no further - we've got the best. Timberdog is currently offering RuffRest with a 10% discount -- apply code ILOVEMYPUP10 at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase at Timberdog.

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