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RuffRest Brings Sexy Back to the Cushioned Dog Bed

RuffRest Brings Sexy Back to the Cushioned Dog Bed

2 min read  •  By Wyatt West, Staff Writer & Outdoor Fiend, Timberdog®

I appreciate a luxe, orthopedic, cushioned dog bed for the home, but it’s not always practical to take on the road. Dog cushions are often large, unwieldy, and worst of all, don’t even come with a handle to help you carry them. Also, after you pay a fortune for them, you come to find out that the inner foam, unforgivably, is not waterproof. Adding even a cheap waterproof liner costs very little for dog bed makers, but they avoid this step, because they know that as soon as your dog messes his bed, you’ll come running back for another one. That’s why most cushioned dog beds are relatively inexpensive.

The creators at Timberdog changed the game when it came to dog beds. Their pet bed, RuffRest, is a totally distinctive and much-needed entrant to the pet bed market. RuffRest falls between a dog mat, due to its portability (it rolls up), and an orthopedic dog mattress, as it has a combination of high density and memory foam. Best of all, it not only has a handle, it also has a shoulder strap that doubles as a reflective leash. And the cherry on top? RuffRest is waterproof - from the eco-friendly PU coating on its ballistic nylon, down to its thick, chlorine-free PEVA covers on the foam. No other cushioned dog bed - or any other type of dog bed - competes. 

Another attribute that dog owners will appreciate is that with the RuffRest, there is no need to buy separate dog beds for home and for the road. Keep the RuffRest at home, and when you’re ready to travel, simply unzip it like you would a suitcase. Inside, you’ll find a see-through organizer with many pockets to store your pet’s things. The organizer is also detachable and hangable, so you can keep it looped around a tree branch at the campsite, or in your hotel room’s closet next to your clothes. Gone are the days of pawing through bags to find toys, treats, wipes, bowls, and kibble. Now, all of your dog’s items are immediately visible, and, if hung up, eye-level, too.

When you’re ready to toss the RuffRest in your car for a weekend trip, it compresses into a duffel shape. The shoulder strap also doubles as a reflective leash, which is great for minimalists, or those who forgot the everyday leash at home! At your destination, simply unroll the RuffRest, remove the organizer, and zip everything back up to form the bed again. The reflective loops will help you spot the bed at night so you won’t trip over it, especially when outdoors. 

Best of all, there is no need to pack a separate blanket or cover for your pup. Hidden inside the bolster, there is a built-in blanket, great for pets who need extra comfort and warmth during travel. At camp, the blanket converts into a sleeping bag as it can zip up the sides of the bed, and comes standard with temperature-control vents to customize toastiness. In the morning, simply roll it up and tuck it back into its dedicated bolster-pocket. No more struggling with separate, tiny compression sacks!

If you are ready to upgrade from a cushioned dog bed to a RuffRest, check out the beautiful colorways on offer. If you sign up for Timberdog’s newsletter on, you can also (usually) find a discount code in the banner of the site, located at the top. 


Photo Credit: Marc Prefontaine

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