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What to Look For When Buying a Folding Dog Bed for Camping

What to Look For When Buying a Folding Dog Bed for Camping

3 min read  •  By Wyatt West, Staff Writer & Outdoor Fiend, Timberdog®

Whether you’re an avid camper or love simple day trips with your dog, we recommend always keeping a folding dog bed handy for those impromptu excursions. 

There are a lot of options out there to suit every need, and we like them all; however, most of them come with a caveat. There are foldable cots that provide a lot of support, but this setup is heavy and bulky for trips, and requires packing several items piecemeal - like blankets - to make the cot warm and comfortable. And then there are simple, insulated mats you can stuff into a compression sack, but these lack support. At Timberdog, we tend to favor something in the middle - a foldable or rollable pet bed that has foam for support and comfort, and comes insulated with fleece or a similar material for extra coziness.

But why stop in the middle when you could have so much more than just support and warmth? When looking for a foldable dog bed for camping, we made this list, as we demanded the utmost out of dog and pet gear, especially when it came to the outdoors:

  • Is the folding dog bed moisture-resistant?
  • Durable?
  • Easily washable?
  • Lightweight?
  • Portable (having handles and such)?
  • Compressible or able to fit into small spaces, such as a packed trunk?
  • Does it provide support?
  • Is it warm for those cool nights?
  • Highly breathable for warm days?
  • Does it have temperature control features?
  • Does it have a sleeping bag or blanket option?
  • Is it quick-dry?
  • Is it easily visible for those pitch-black nights at the campsite?
  • Is it multifunctional with built-in features (a nice-to-have), and, if so,
  • Are its features easily accessible? 
  • Does it have zippered pockets to carry things? 
  • Does it have safety features?

I bet you didn’t think a folding dog bed could have safety or temperature control features, but it sure can. In fact, out of every rollable or folding dog bed for camping that we searched, most only covered a third of the items in our list, or, at the very most, the top 7-8.

We wanted something far better, so we designed it. 

Timberdog’s RuffRest encompasses all 17 items on the list above. ALL of them. It’s moisture-resistant coating is environmentally friendly; its durability is military-grade; it’s easily washable and dries fast; it’s light, coming in at only a few pounds; it’s got a shoulder strap and carry handle for portability; it can roll up into a duffel shape to fit into overhead airplane bins or car trunks; and it’s got memory and high-density foams for support. 

As for battling the weather, it’s got sherpa fleece for cool nights; remains breathable during hot days; has temp-control vents; and has a built-in sleeping bag!

Additionally, reflective trim makes the RuffRest easy to spot with a flashlight. It’s highly versatile as a piece of luggage and complete sleep system, and it carries a hangable, removable organizer in which you can stow and organize your dog’s things at-a-glance. No more rifling through old bags!

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of its best features: safety. The decorative trim actually serves as a zipperhood to keep your pet from chewing on or being poked by zippers; the shoulder strap doubles as a tangle-free safety leash complete with reflection; and, included with every RuffRest is a large medical ID card to write down all of your dog’s information, whether to keep as a handy reference for yourself, or to give to your dog sitter or kennel.

We hope you check out our folding dog bed for camping and for so much more - hotels, parks, air travel, the office, and home. Choose from the following dynamic colorways: Camptastic (green, teak, and rust); Sporty (Orion blue, aqua, and tangerine); and Stormy (slate gray, sky blue, and black).

Ever notice that all the pet content out there is eerily similar? Timberdog prides itself on an authentic blog:
- We never use AI to write our articles, so our content is always fresh, current, and real.
- Blog posts are written by experts in their fields, not hired copywriters.
- We never censor comments (unless harmful to others).
- No money is ever received for promoting products.

In the photo: Brandon Davis-Loper and Kashi
Photo credit: Marc Prefontaine

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